Service Promise

Delivering Excellence to us means getting things right first time, every time.

Understanding your requirements
  • We promise an immediate acknowledgement to an event enquiry and within 24 hours in writing.
  • Your enquiry and arrangements will be looked after by a professional Event Manager.
  • We will provide confirmation of your requirements via a clear and concise contract with easily understood Terms and Conditions of business.
Welcome on the day
  • Our Meetings Host will be ready to meet you, run through the day’s agenda, arrange any last minute requests and agree message handling procedures.
  • The Host will be available for the duration of the event – they will be as discreet or as involved as you want them to be.
  • If your Host has to leave the building, then you will be personally introduced to his/her colleague.
The meeting room
  • Your meeting room will be set up in the format requested, at least thirty minutes before the time shown on your contract, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Your audio-visual equipment will be set up and working as per the contracted time of arrival.
  • All meeting rooms are supplied with an internal telephone and a help line number to address your requirements throughout the event.
  • All meeting rooms have natural daylight and ergonomically designed chairs and tables.
  • All meeting rooms are equipped with notepads, pens and a stationery toolbox.
Food and drink on time
  • The service of all food and beverage will commence no later than the time agreed at the morning briefing meeting.
  • Menus are creatively designed to provide a choice of hot and cold food with healthy eating options.
  • Special dietary requirements will be provided as agreed in advance of the event or at the morning briefing meeting.
  • There is an unlimited access to a selection of teas, fresh coffee and fruit juices, available throughout the day, at specified beverage service points.
  • As a matter of policy we do not knowingly purchase any food or beverages which contain genetically modified ingredients.
Your accommodation
  • We aim to have your bedroom ready for occupation by 1400 on the day of your arrival.
  • Bedrooms are ensuite, modern and fully equipped, with ample room to work.
  • Failures or defects likely to cause widespread disruption or injury to people will be dealt with immediately
  • Failures or defects, which do not present a serious risk but will cause serious disruption, will be dealt with within 4 hours.
  • Normal repairs will be dealt with within 2 hours within standard working hours.
  • Statutory regulations are pro-actively observed by all members of staff to ensure a safe working, meeting and leisure environment.
  • Wherever possible we follow best practice in terms of the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Wherever practical and economic we follow best practice in terms of recycling waste materials.
After the event
  • We promise a follow-up call within three working days to discuss the success of your event and will respond to any points raised within 48 hours.
  • Invoices will be accurate, on time and as agreed.
  • Our accounts department will contact you within three working days on receipt of any invoice queries.
Climate Care
  • As part of its endeavours to be a practitioner of sustainable practice, The Business School carries out environmental audits, has a programme of energy reduction in place, produces all its materials in a sustainable way and from the beginning of 2006 has been carbon neutral in all its air travel, paying for its CO2 emmissions to support carbon reducing activities across the globe, via the Climate Care organisation.
And finally
  • We will contact the event organiser within two working days of the event to capture your feedback to assist us in the future development of our services and facilities.
Last updated July 2011